Eyedius, strengthening its presence in the security market in Turkey and will be open to the global market with awards and investment of approximately 2 million TL

Eyedius, a graduate of the StartersHub XO entrepreneurial acceleration program, received an investment of TL 600,000 ($157,000) from both StartersHub and Boğaziçi Ventures. It received more than TL 2 million and won first prize in the Big Bang 2017 organized by Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ) Çekirdek. Thanks to the support it has received, Eyedius has continued to expand, aiming to enter the global market by the end of 2018 by strengthening its presence in the security market in Turkey throughout the year. It provides intelligent and affordable solutions to its customers in many different sectors, such as housing, hotels and banking.

Smart assistant on call

The Eyedius initiative has been developing advanced image processing and artificial intelligence technology for home and office use through smartphones and also developing an intelligent solution for increased security needs. Eyedius controls indoor environments through 24/7 video monitoring and is able to generate warnings in case of danger through preprogramed scenarios. As a result, users can rest easy knowing the system will instantly alert them on their computer or mobile phone in the case of an emergency.
Many benefits of a single product

Eyedius’ security technology provides software-assisted human and vehicle detection or facial recognition and identification, all easy to integrate with camera systems. Its user-friendly interface provides security in many scenarios, a person scaling the security, a child swimming alone in a pool and unauthorized entry to restricted areas.

While Eyedius Technology Company focuses on the security sector, it aims to present its product, which can analyze happiness and emotional state from the face expressions as well as demographic analyzes such as age and gender, very soon.


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