Bikoshu, the first online marketplace in Turkey to accept bitcoin offers variety of goods and services to its clients, from pizza, burgers, cat food and diapers to anything else they require in the neighbourhood, with virtual money.

Hyperlocal marketplace Bikoshu, rewards its customers for each purchase with virtual money BiNakit, that can be used in their latter purchases. With the recently added feature of the application, buyers can now use their bitcoins as BiNakit as they like. These purchases can be made from a variety of Bikoshu member stores such as flowershops, restaurants, markets and bakeries. Bikoshu’s unique and innovational features also allows shoppers to easily reach local campaigns and advantages in a faster and more entertaining way. Customer loyalty is enhanced with BİNakit reward cycle, the more you order the more you save.

Step by step payment with Bitcoin at Bikoshu

The details on how to shop online at Bikoshu with bitcoin has been described step by step. By following the below detailed steps one can easily complete their buying journey.
First of all, select My Account menu and go to My Digital Wallet and choose Digital Money Wallet. Create your bitcoin wallet by clicking on “Create Wallet”. Once you have your wallet created you can easily transfer your bitcoin to your Bikoshu account. When the transfer is complete you will see a confirming message on your “My Digital Wallets” page. Bikoshu estimates the value of the transferred bitcoin, by the value of Bitcoin TL currency rate of the exact moment the purchase takes place and automatically exchanges it to BiNakit.

Bring your friend, Earn BiNakit

With “Bring Your Buddy” campaign, Bikoshu offers 5 TL valued BİNakit for every member who refers and subscribes a friend to the system. By this way, every Bikoshu member will be earning as much BiNakit as the number of friends they make member.
Bikoshu Cofounder Ceylan Ece Keremoğlu, said: “Bikoshu platform allows our members to spend their Bitcoin. The steps to pay with bitcoin are very simple and short. By providing bitcoin payment as an option, we are giving our members an opportunity to fully use technological developments. We believe that “Bring Your Buddy” campaign will raise a lot of interest. Members will earn 5 TL for each member they subscribed and they will be able to spend it as they like.”

Hyperlocal marketplace Bikoshu is available online from address.
Bikoshu is also availabe on App Store from and available on Google Play.


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