Sometimes, when you have time and motivation to move, you can’t find a Company to join you. Great plans can be in low-spirits because of this dilemma. However; Urbansurf offers you an outstanding experience by bringing people with different background and culture together.

Everyone gets a photo in the city center. Just go and explore the cultural wealth of the city!

Imagine that you are in a city for the first time. Don’t you want to explore the fascinating and less-known places of a city rather than famously places that everybody knows? All you need to do this is to know someone who is familiar with that culture. Urbansurf is a micro-social-structure that brings groups of up-to 5 people.

As a tourist, you are advised to go and walk around the Palace of Westminster in London. With Urbansurf, the group you meet up can introduce you the real cultural heritage of the city. For instance, you can find yourself enjoying the cute cafes and restaurants in Camden Passage on a Saturday evening or enjoying Victorian music in a performance taking place at Wilton’s Music Hall. With the social-structure Urbansurf offers, you can communicate with people, having same point of interests

You are not alone, there are thousands, feeling the same way as you do…

If you are one of those perceiving life as an exploration in any place, under any circumstances, you know that exploring along is kind of boring. Wouldn’t it be more fun and better to sit around the same table or walk on the same way with the people who share the same feelings or tell you what you can’t see or what you don’t know?

Urbansurf is a social community in which you can make new friends! You can either be a part of an activity, organized by a user or be the organizer of your own activity and invite people. Going to cinema, having a coffee, or attending a festival or an activity… There are plenty of people as enthusiastic as you who want to meet with people from different cultural background, spend time and share moments with them.

Being a global network; Urbansurf is an application that introduces you with its users from different countries, speaking different languages by its social structure it carries within itself.

Joyful and budget-friendly events and activities

The difference in the budget between a single activity and a group activity is always a matter. While using Urbansurf, you will not only have good time by meeting people but also will spend less money on social activities. Unlike a tourist, you will know all spots and details of the city and you will be at the possible best areas. One of the most beneficial parts of this collectivity, forming up Urbansurf’s philosophy, is the financial advantage you will get.

When you look back, what you will see is going to be unforgettable moments and good friendships.

We can easily tell you that you will add more good memories to your past by attending the activities on Urbansurf, easily-accessible over IOS and Android App Stores. Urbansurf is what you are looking for if you wish to know amazing stories of new people, to explore the city together and to make the moments more valuable.

How can I join the events/activities on Urbansurf?

What you need to is to download Urbansurf application and be a part of the community! On your home page, you will see all activities/events you might be interested in and with a single touch, you will be able to be a part of it. One of the most significant features of Urbansurf is that maximum 5 people are allowed in every single event. In fact this is a very useful criterion that allows everyone to be in “the moment” in “the story” rather than in plans that hinders you to share something between you and the crowd.

The participants who already agree on activity date, concept and location can know more about each other via messaging before the activity. In this case, you can have an idea of the people you will meet. If you wish, you can also access their profiles over the application.

Why do you still wait for exploring the town, country and the whole world? Find the activities you are looking for, meet with new friends that you will enjoy spending time together by being a part of Urbansurf right now…


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