Biryudumkitap, online reading platform from Turkey, offers a piece of literature to brighten your day every morning. The platform continues to grow in popularity, its user base reached the 250-thousand milestone.

Biryudumkitap publishes a new short story or a short passage from a book, offering people a chance to read short excerpts while sipping their morning coffee. The platform is challenging to increase average time spent for reading of Turkish people, from one minute to five minutes.

The name for the site, “Biryudumkitap” (A Sip of Book) was conceived when a friend of Alparslan Demir, social entrepreneur and founder of the platform, paraphrased the project’s theme as “a piece of literature accompanied by a sip of coffee.” After choosing the name, the project came to life in November 2015 and, with Demir’s inspiration for the website, it took the team just 36 hours to realize it. In May 2016, Enes Cakir, social entrepreneur and software engineer, joined Biryudumkitap as CTO.

“We develop a mobile application to offer our subscribers a better literary experience. The app will soon be available to Android users via Google Play and the Apple Store,” Demir said, adding they will also launch new projects for schools which do not have libraries.


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