Dugun.com, a website visited by 300 thousand of the 600 thousand couples getting married in Turkey every year, acquired iyisahne.com, the community-based marketplace where individuals or corporations planning an event are brought together with musicians, music groups or orchestrates in all organizations including weddings.

Biggest provider of the services and products which users need about all stages of the wedding period, Dugun.com has now incorporated iyisahne.com which is known for its success in fulfilling any requests of wedding and event organizers about music and art. Emek Kırbıyık, the CEO of dugun.com, said: “This strategical acquisition was mainly influenced by the high-quality content offered by iyisahne.com platform as well as the technologies in use and the energy of the iyisahne team.”

Having managed to set up Turkey’s greatest online community of artists consisting of about 5000 musicians registered in about 1000 profiles with the investments made via GBA (Galata Business Angels), EGİAD Angels (Agean Young Businessmen Association), BIC Angels, İSA (İstanbul Startup Angels) and Borsa İstanbul Private Market, iyisahne.com has been working since the end of April 2015 to make reservations for the services offered by artists in a wide range of areas including wedding orchestrates, duos and trios, DJ’s and jazz groups, bands and one-man orchestrates and street musicians.

Sparkling Synergy

Emek Kırbıyık said that the synergy to be created by dugun.com and iyisahne.com gathering under the same roof has become a unique place of meeting for those who market their services and products via these websites and those who make use of these platforms.

Stating that they have been in contact with Sinan Zabunoğlu, the CEO of iyisahne.com, since the establishment of iyisahne, Kırbıyık said, “It was exciting for both parties to imagine introducing an annual 300 thousand Düğün.com users with the proper content of iyisahne.com. We are delighted to have shaken hands on this acquisition and completed the process under suitable conditions. Thus, düğün.com users will be able to receive the best possible service for their wedding from the best possible provider and iyisahne.com artists will have their voices heard by larger masses.”

“The ship as docked”

”Making some statements about the completion of the acquisition, iyisahne.com Co-founder and CEO Sinan Zabunoğlu said; “Today may be the end of our 3-year old journey for me, but I believe that by transferring our mission to Düğün.com family we have docked the ship in a safe harbor. In a short time after its foundation, we managed to make iyisahne a platform which is pursued and even imitated in its field. As the first actor of an unprecedented market, we achieved to bring together a critical community for the first time.

We present our gratitude once again to all of the very precious dream partners who have stepped into iyisahne, including the interns, employees, freelancers, consultants, investors, and to our angel investors, firstly Melih Ödemiş and the GBA family, for their generous contributions, endless support, and trust.’’


Deniz Tav, CTO of iyisahne.com said that the handover process would be quickly completed in a couple of weeks while trying to offer the best experience to the users. The co-founders Zabunoğlu and Tav stated that the collaboration that will be born out of the acquisition process and the capacity of düğün.com to reach large masses would be beneficial mainly for the artists.

Having assumed the leadership in the iyisahne.com investment process, Melih Ödemiş talked about the acquisition process as such: “We believe that the enterprise will be resuming its activities with this synergy and achieving bigger projects with the currently established power of düğün.com.”


iyisahne.com is outstanding as the second acquisition of düğün.com. The company had purchased anneysen.com, serving both mothers and babies, in 2016 from Aylin Çakır and Pınar Şimşek who were invested by Hasan Aslanoba and Çağlar Erol.

Specifying that these acquisitions are all aimed at a strategy of fast growth, Emek Kırbıyık, the CEO of düğün.com, continued, “This strategy seems to be successful since both düğün.com and anneysen.com are currently the most visited websites of Turkey. This success is underlined by the fact that after acquiring Anneysen.com we reached the level of 150 thousand users per day, most of whom are women, during peak shopping periods.” Emek Kırbıyık emphasized that new acquisitions are always on the agenda and they are in search of companies to accelerate their growth both in this country and in others where they operate.


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