The new product of Thread in Motion, SKADI, ensures that employees, especially factories and plazas, comply with the social distance rule in the new normal working orders. SKADI, which assists companies in business continuity, stands out with its long battery life and easy usage. SKADI is aimed to be exported to 50 countries by the end of the year.
Wearable technology company Thread In Motion developing intelligent solutions to production, logistics and warehouse management areas in all over the world unveiled their new product, SKADI. Smart bracelet, which is the new product of the company exported to 8 different countries and serves more than 150 well known brands, has features that will bring occupational health and safety to the next level not only in the pandemic but also in its new normal period.

While we are preparing to return to our lives with the new normal, thanks to the smart bracelet SKADI constantly scanning the distance of 1.5 meters between employees, social distance is maintained from smallest to larger communities such as offices, workshops, plazas, factories, entertainment centers and hotels. SKADI is a cost effective solution ready to serve a wide audience.

SKADI allows contactless entrances and exits in common work areas, while preventing potential collisions of construction equipments that we frequently encounter and facilitates emergency gathering. Company CEO Kadir Demircioglu said, “We are aiming to provide added value to our country with exports, while providing employee health and safety measures with our new smart bracelet. 10.000 orders have already arrived from several sectors and various sizes of companies in only 1 month. We have been cooperating with many brands and we will continue to support this with our new products for the needs of the sectors that are constantly added to our portfolio.”

It maintains social distance in closed areas such as factories and plazas

SKADI which gets an incredible attention with its high-strength, cost-effective and ready-to-use features for every individual and sector; protects the employees by creating safe working areas throughout the day. SKADI, scanning history with the software platform that it contains, shares the collected data with the related people by keeping track of the interaction with other bracelets. In this way, when, where, and how many times users are in contact with whom can be easily established while this smart device is also reporting users need quarantine with a single COVID-19 diagnosis. SKADI gathering the data in a central cloud system, is said to have 12 months of battery life and does not require charging. It has been developed according to IP67 standards and works with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connection. This cost-effective smart bracelet, ready to adapt to any audience and industry, such as factories, plazas, entertainment centers, hotels, gyms, will benefit from maintaining a vital physical distance when workers return to their workplace in the new normal period.

Target is to export SKADI to 50 countries

Kadir Demircioglu, the founder and young CEO of Thread in Motion which was established in 2016 to produce IoT solutions and Industry 4.0 applications as a technology start-up stated that they want to export the new product SKADI to 50 countries. He also said that “We aim to provide added value to our country with our export channels, while protecting the health of our employees with our new smart bracelet, which takes more than 10.000 orders from different sectors, institutions and various sizes of companies in only 1 month. We currently have cooperation with many brands from the automotive, retail and logistics sectors. It is a new pioneer product that will provide added value in terms of occupational safety and health, not only in the period of Pandemi but also when life returns to normal. Finally, we should not forget that a single positive case may result in a total shutdown of all operations. We are ready for a continuous and reliable operations with SKADI. ” Demircioğlu said that they will continue to respond to the needs of the rapidly changing world with wearable technology products and contribute to the national economy. By the end of June, TIM is ready to deliver the first 20.000 orders of the bracelet.


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