DigiME, which provides high accuracy 3D body analysis with its artificial intelligence supported software, completed its second investment round with a valuation of 15 Million TL and investment of 3.8 Million TL.

Investment round led by Tarvenn Ventures with an amount of 1.6 Million TL and national basketball player Sinan Güler; angel investors İlter Terzioğlu, Yüksel Açık, Naser Alim, Tolunay Yıldız and Belkis Kuşçulu Özer; Keiretsu Forum Istanbul’s investors Figen Korun, Davut Kohen and Mustafa Bağcı; Turkey’s first and only sports-oriented venture capital fund two.zero Ventures and GirisimTurk venture fund attended to investment round.

DigiME raised its first investment from Tarvenn Ventures in July 2018 and started providing high accuracy 3D body analysis health-tech solutions to its customers. DigiME successfully acquired customers from 9 countries and 14 different cities in less than a year with its solutions of Posture Analysis, Body Analysis and Motion Analysis. Currently DigiME has customers in countries like France, Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Brazil and England. DigiME aims to become one of the leading Health-Tech Big Data startup in the world and continues its global expansion with the new funding.

The only portable high accuracy body analysis solution in the World

DigiME analyses body fat ratio, daily calorie intake, basal metabolic rate, ideal weight, muscle ratio, posture analysis, motion analysis by scanning all parts of body only in a few seconds. It provides personal body tracking solutions and artificial intelligence supported advices due to its graphically supported reporting system. DigiME can detect posture problems millimetrically by academic certified algorithms and posture analyzing solutions. DigiME can easily be used in many different areas with its portable solutions.

DigiME targets a wide market such as sports centers, clinics, dieticians and professional sports clubs with its DigiNutrition, DigiSports, DigiClinic, DigiKids, DigiMotion, DigiSize products, so far. DigiME stands out from its competitors as the only high accuracy portable three-dimensional body scanning solution in the world.
Continue to grow in the global market

DigiME founder Derya Kavarna stated, “From the very first day, we started with a global vision and we acquired customers from 9 countries in a short time. We will continue our global expansion with the second investment we raised. We sincerely thank all our investors who believe in our vision. Special thanks to Tarvenn Ventures CEO, Mustafa Kopuk, and his team who support us in all matters and inspired us from day one.”


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