The 9 start ups, which are selected for G4A Turkey (Turkish leg of The Start Up Acceleration Program that Bayer conducts globally to support the entrepreneurship ecosystem) are announced.

Many entrepreneurs with a lean product, prototype or an advanced start ups, who provided digital solutions for health, agriculture, radiology and environmental science (pest and rodent struggle) and solutions for institutional functions and who passed the idea stage, applied to the program via digital platforms due to the coronavirus pandemic. Eventually 9 start ups were selected by the jury this year.

In the program where each of the 6 start ups will be supported with a grant of 60 thousand TL, all selected start ups will receive a 100-day online training program and mentoring support. In addition, Bayer will contribute to the development of start ups’ products, which were selected for the program, by expanding their networks with the opportunity of cooperation provided by Bayer.

Among the 9 start ups selected by the jury, which includes the leading names of the start up ecosystem as well as the high level executives of Bayer, include: Agcurate, Albert Health, DestekBizden, Enbiosis, Elegan Tech, Hevi AI, Virtual Reality in Radiology Education, SOYL-GEL and To Do.

Start ups selected for G4A Turkey 2020:


Agcurate observes all agricultural fields worldwide with satellite images every 5 days throughout the year so that farmers and affiliated industries can make safe decisions. With its own artificial intelligence algorithms, the cultivated area provides all the details necessary for product supply, including harvest status, productivity, crop and customer-oriented indexes.

Albert Health

Albert’s voice health assistant helps chronic patients manage their treatment while allowing them to have online video calls with doctors at any time.


DestekBizden is an innovative social assistance platform developed by Tridi Atölye within the scope of fighting the COVID-19 outbreak. By instant production of products needed in the hospitals with digital production technologies, it aims to prevent losses in the process until the supply chain is re-established.


Enbiosis Biotechnology aims to modulate the human microbiome and provide personalized health solutions using its artificial intelligence technology.

Elegan Tech

Elegan Tech produces innovative technologies in the field of digital diagnosis and especially hematology. Developing solutions for more effective, accurate treatment and diagnosis of many blood diseases, Elegan Tech conducts R&D and production activities on automation of the peripheral blood smear tests and pathology tests conducted with other body fluids using artificial intelligence. Automating the peripheral blood smear test from end to end using advanced artificial intelligence technology and electromechanical systems, HEM-AI device can easily detect many blood diseases with sophisticated deep learning methods and advanced technology infrastructure.

Hevi AI

Providing artificial intelligence based solutions in the field of medical imaging, Hevi AI provides emergency imaging.

Virtual Reality in Radiology Education

Start up enables healthcare professionals who do their internships in radiology units or students to perform radiological examination, to prepare the device and patient for examination, to fulfill the technical parameters and values required for the examination, and to improve the examination skills without generating X-ray and without exposing anyone to radiation. In addition, the start up; aims to educate patients and their relatives about the procedure to be performed using virtual reality glasses before the procedure in order to protect from the side effects of X-rays and to reduce the repetition rate of shots.


SOYL-GEL, which is a multi-purpose agricultural hydrogel, releases long-term water, and supports soil fertility and plant health with the release of fertilizers and pesticides. It provides the release of the necessary minerals and pesticides from the natural nanotubes in the composite structure.

To Do

“Pest and Vector Control Services with The Platform of Process Management Based on Location”, which aims to create technology-oriented services in vector control, allows the complete digitilization of solution-oriented actions with their protective and preventive actions and quick and easy access to the resulting information.


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