Glocalzone, the local startup that we announced with you in February with a valuation of 2.15 million Euros, is an online marketplace application. It allows you to bring products you cannot find in your country by travelers or enables you to earn money by bringing requested products while traveling.

You can download the new version of Glocalzone from App Store or Google Play.

Their goal is to reach 1 million active users.

Glocalzone, which launched its first version in March 2019, currently has more than 150 thousand users. These users have mainly consisted of Turkish users. Glocalzone also has active users from 5 different countries, including the United States and India. They aim to reach the one million user threshold by 2021.

Glocalzone, which is also a partner with VISA Europe company, also provides an instant 50% discount on the service fee for all VISA cards. In addition to VISA, Glocalzone users can instantly withdraw the money they earn from the delivery with the Glocalzone card, issued by the partnership with Ininal.

Some of the features of the new version of Glocalzone:

Glocalzone, which received its first investment early in 2019, also completed its second investment round at the beginning of 2020. Glocalzone, which will test to be active in different countries after COVID-19, has released a new version of its mobile applications in this process.

Match with those who can bring you the product you request!

The new version has different features. The most powerful one is that you can instantly match the traveler who will purchase the item you wish to have. When you add a product to Glocalzone and create a request, you can find the most suitable travelers who can complete the delivery. Then you can directly send a message and talk about your order. Additionally, you can change the product price, traveler reward, and extra charges.

Discover the products!

Glocalzone makes it possible for you to shop safely and in the fastest way, even when you ask for products from the other side of the world. What to buy from America? If you ask what to bring from Germany, discover the products in the Glocalzone world! While making a product request in the new Glocalzone, which allows you to find out what other users demand from different countries of the world, you can instantly find the products registered in the system and create instant requests.

See requests matching with your trip!

More than 100,000 people who want products from abroad are excitedly waiting for you to add your trip to Glocalzone. Accept, negotiate, buy, and deliver orders entirely according to your budget and your suitcase’s free space. It’s that simple and easy to earn while traveling with Glocalzone.

Glocalzone works to allow you to travel around the world for free. The motto of #travelforfree enables its users to turn the empty spaces in their luggage into profit while traveling. After you add your trip to Glocalzone, you can instantly see the product requests that match your trip. You can immediately send a message to those who demand a product before they write to you and tell them that you can bring the product.

You can safely use Glocalzone on all types of travel, not just airlines.

Safe Shopping Experience

In Glocalzone, your money is not transferred to travelers until the products arrive at you. After you agree with the travelers about all the costs of the product (cargo, tax, etc.), you make your payment to the secure Glocalzone system. Travelers purchase the products with their own money when they receive the payment. After the products are delivered and confirmed by shopper, their money instantly credits to their Glocalzone Accounts.

All Glocalzone users can quickly withdraw their payments to their cards with the joint card issued by ininal and Glocalzone. They can get the money in their cards in cash from ATMs worldwide and make their purchases with Glocalzone Card, with very favorable exchange rates, anywhere in the world.


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